2nd Annual Public Sector Corporate Governance

Re-evaluating Frameworks, Processes and Management of Data to Create a Culture of Good Governance

Australia’s public sector is highly disruptive with frequent machinery of government changes and the migration towards a more digital business environment. This in turn affects an organisation’s performance, where poor choices can become transparent to the public. For instance, the Public Sector can suffer a loss of $2.5 billion on poor procurement and project governance alone, and a potential $1 billion due to cyber attacks. This represents how essential it is for the Public Sector to adopt good governance frameworks and culture.

To respond to these challenges, IQPC is proud to host the 2nd Annual Public Sector Corporate Governance Summit to be held in Sydney between 26-27 June 2018. With an independent review of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 to refine the objectives and assess its benefits five years on, Commonwealth Entities will need to reflect on the direction of maturity they wish to take to uphold good governance.

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5 Reasons to Attend:

Interactive Sessions

Engage in networking opportunities such as IDGs, speed networking and lightning talks with some of Australia's directors and head of governance

Real Situation Analysis

Learn practical ways in sustaining a healthy division of responsibilities within structures to uphold public trust and confidence in institutions

ISO Technical Committee

Benefit from case studies on supporting effective governance decision making through quality of policy advice and engagement from boards and committees

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Develop your understanding of how to ensure risk and strategy are well aligned and working cohesively together, particularly in a growing digital business environment

Networking Opportunities

Discover insights and case studies into the governance of data and technology, managing performance of stuff and evaluating your reporting and frameworks

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