Pre-Conference Workshops: Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Workshop A

8:00 AM - 10:30 AM Corporate Governance Frameworks in the Public Sector

Lindsay Cornish, Director Corporate Governance, Department of Education NSW
There are clear expectations for public sector agencies to establish mechanisms that enable them to achieve high performance while operating in accordance with any applicable legislative or policy obligations and community expectations. The better agencies are governed, the better they perform and having an effective governance framework is essential for ensuring good governance.

But there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for developing an effective governance framework. Each agency has different objectives, operates in a different environment, provides different services to different sectors of the community and must also adapt to circumstances as they change over time.

Well governed agencies should result in improved service delivery and the most efficient use of resources.
But how do you go about creating or improving a framework and taking what is essentially a conceptual structure and set of rules and implementing it effectively across the entire organisation to ensure both performance and conformance?

This workshop will generate discussion on a number of aspects of governance frameworks including:
  • How public sector organisations benefit from having an effective governance framework;
  • How to develop or assess a framework, identify areas for attention and address any concerns
  • How to implement an effective governance framework across an organisation.

Participants will be invited to share their knowledge and experience to identify practical strategies and initiatives for developing and implementing a successful governance framework.

Lindsay Cornish

Director Corporate Governance
Department of Education NSW

Workshop B

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM Transforming Risk Governance and the Impact of Leadership Initiatives

Lee Hutchinson, Chief Risk Officer, Department of Heath QLD
The Board and Executive need confidence that risk management is working for the organisation.
This goes well beyond traditional risk management approaches that rely solely on the risk register as an indicator of effective risk management systems.

Ethical decision making, due diligence and prudent risk taking are hallmarks of the high performing organisation that protects public value from destruction and creates additional public value through innovation and change management supported by effective leadership and a positive risk culture.

In this workshop we will explore and address:
  • Challenges to effective risk management from a governance perspective
  • The role of risk appetite in governance
  • Transforming culture and fostering leadership in risk management governance

This is your opportunity to work through your challenges, hear insights grounded in practical application and reflect on how you can take the next steps to support your Board and Executive Team in achieving a performance advantage through risk management.

Lee Hutchinson

Chief Risk Officer
Department of Heath QLD

Workshop C

2:00 PM - 4:30 PM Change Governance - Designing Governance around Strategy & Change

Pierre Skorich, Acting National Manager, Legal, Governance and Risk, Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre
Change governance is an important aspect of governance to master. As technology and outside disruptors continue to evolve the workforce and challenge conventional corporate governance practices, businesses must establish and embed into their organisation a framework for governing change; in other words, establish Change Governance. This workshop is designed to help you redesign your structures and processes for governance around strategy and change to thereby generate greater efficiency and business improvement.

Learn how to:
  • Set up governance around change programs
  • Manage the ambiguities that come with change in terms of investing finances and resources
  • Set up the right insurance mechanisms
  • Put in place the right checks and balances along the way
  • Ensure an evidence-based approach to decision making

Pierre Skorich

Acting National Manager, Legal, Governance and Risk
Australian Transaction Reports & Analysis Centre