26 - 27 June, 2018 | Novotel Sydney Central, Sydney, Australia

Andrew Lee

Director, Strategic Policy & Governance
Department of Transport, WA

7:00 AM Culture and Governance – Leveraging Transformations to Managing Integrity, Transparency and Accountability to Optimise Organisational Performance

With constant restructures and the changing public sector operating environment, it’s important to create a culture that responds to new procedures to work effectively and maintain a high level of good governance. Integrity, transparency and accountability are emerging areas that organisations are looking to improve as a mechanism for dealing with reducing public trust and confidence in their organisation. Yet what do each of these principles mean for your people, your organisation and your performance to maintain excellence in governance? With people sometimes seen as a risk or challenge with governance, this workshop will therefore be tailored to discuss strategies for managing your culture and secure good governance.

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast, tea and coffee while you learn about:

  • Analysing the importance of culture and performance and utilising this to determine what is regarded as best practice in governance across all jurisdictions
  • Measuring maturity and evaluating where your organisation sits with meeting standards and values for risk, auditing, compliance and other operations to identify areas for improvement
  • Managing integrity, transparency and accountability when government structures change – How to ensure consistency with knowledge management and information sharing as a means to grow each individual
  • Responding to public expectations – The role of staff in recognising their job roles and performance management as a way to be transparent with internal operations to the public


3:50 PM CASE STUDY: Insights into the Department of Transport’s Change Management Approach as a Catalyst for Adopting Good Governance

With three key state transport agencies in one, change management has been a key driver for adopting good governance at the Department of Transport WA. The changing strategies around the analytics management of risk and introduction of basic and simplified concepts of risk have become the key factors for developing a change management approach to engage people on board and collaborate in a manner that they aren’t used to. Drawing on journey the Department of Transport have taken so far, Andrew will discuss:

  • Introducing technology and the benefits of utilising suites rather than a single software as a catalyst for organisational change
  • How the Department of Transport is enabling collaboration and breaking down silos to help staff to take action on risk indicators
  • In-house as opposed to outsourcing: Buying in and bringing talent in house to help change and develop a practical and accessible approach to risk

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Andrew.

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